Vinmar Farms Google Group

Are you aware that Vinmar Farms has an email group which is being used to send timely information to residents within our community?

Are you not a member, but interested in joining?  Just follow the instructions by clicking on the Google Groups button below:

You will be prompted to log in with a Google account or create one if you are not already logged in.

Note: If you need to create an account, you DO NOT have to use a GMail address or sign up for one.  There is a link on the account creation page under “Choose your username” which says “I prefer to use my current email address”.  This will allow you to use another email address such as your work or personal address.

As you request to join the group, you should click on “Apply for Membership”.  On the “Apply for Membership” page, select the drop down “Send me email for every new message”.  This will ensure that you are alerted each time a message is sent to the group.  In the additional information field, please type in your street address as verification that you live in our community as this is only for our current residents.

Once you have successfully joined the group you will be able to receive messages from  You will also be able to send to that address, which will distribute your email to the entire community.  All messages delivered from this group contain [Vinmar Farms] in the subject line.

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